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The brainchild of Guy Laliberté and designed by Gabriel Coutu-Dumont, Au-delà des échos is a 60-minute multimedia performance that immerses spectators into a technological odyssey where they will travel through space and time. Audiences will be whisked away on their journey thanks to sound, images, and the voice of Alan Watts, a British-American philosopher. A new location specifically designed for multisensory performances and highly immersive experiences.

Audience members are invited to enter the pyramid and gather around the giant sphere in the middle of the room. Thanks to 360-degree projections, and Watts’ narration on eastern theologies such as Zen and Buddhism, spectators can go back in time to the very first moments of humanity. A performance that also features new age music, religious symbols, and a look at the evolution of species.

The performance is an ode to our origins. Guy Laliberté has provided audiences with a way to revisit the theories of creation. The projections and music flawlessly merge to highlight the core theme of the universe. Spectators will enjoy an immersive performance that evokes the four elements (air, water, fire, earth).

Jérémie Beaulieu