The 2159 Ball is an opportunity for young professionals who have the heart on hand to put on their 36 and come celebrate for a good cause. Raise funds for the 2159 that works with at-risk youth to prevent and counter crime, homelessness and sexual exploitation. 

The  2159 want to enable young people to develop a network of friends and support while giving them access to food, clothing, education and employment opportunities. And helping young people to develop skills and abilities that will allow them to meet their basic needs and allow them to return to school or access employment.

Marie Laliberté 

MS.MTL.MEDIA is a Marketing Agency Specializes in both content and conversion marketing  to benefit from the best Return on Investment (ROI) for advertising campaigns. The approach of having prospects that include videos converted by Adwords is what leads the most to attracting the customers’ attention. Digital marketing is flexible, measurable and highly productive.

Audiovisual Production   must be part of your company’s overall marketing strategy because it has become a crucial element as it is the most common way customers learn about, evaluate and appreciate a product. Nowadays, customers would rather watch videos to ensure that a product is in conformity with their needs.

Videos remain the most communicative, eye-catching and engaging medium for your business.Videos are considered to be a great mean of communication that is more entertaining, original, and complete comparing to texts. They combine sound, image and emotions all together. 

Furthermore, if you wish to make a conversion of prospects, you will sure need to be visible in search engines in order to capture qualified prospects in the process of purchasing on any platform: computers, tablets and smartphones and search for your products and services on Google as well.

Google Ads  provide you with the possibility of customizing the presentation of your products, services and generate targeted traffic. Moreover, they are scalable, flexible, attractive and measure Return on Investment (ROI).

Including videos to  your prospects and converting them using Adwords is, without a doubt, the winning recipe!